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Formation of Limited Company in Overseas

Registered Place Bahamas BVI Cayman Island Japan Delaware Samoa Seychelles
Flag Bahamas BVI Cayman Island Japan Delaware Samoa Seychelles
Fee HK$9,300 HK$9,500 HK$34,000 HK$40,000 HK$8,000 HK$8,000 HK$8,800
With Chinese Name N/A Additional HK$1,000 Additional
N/A N/A Additional HK$1,000 Additional HK$1,000
Tailor Made 22 Days 14 Days 30 Days 60 Days 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days
Ready Made N/A 5-7 Days 14 Days N/A N/A 5-7 Days 5-7 Days
Annual Fee HK$8,300 HK$9,800 HK$32,000 N/A HK$7,200 HK$7,200 HK$8,300

 * Fee and details in this list are subject to change without prior notice

Our Service Content:

- Conducting a name search at the Registered Place

- Document preparation

- Application for Certificate of Incorporation

- Memorandum and Articles of Association

- Share certificates and minutes book of the company

- Common Seal and chop

- A company box for the documents

Organization structure of a corporation:

One director (depends on each country’s requirements)

One Shareholder (can be any nationality, director and shareholder can be the same person)

Extra charges for initial secretarial documents (directors & shareholders more than 3: HK$ 300/person)

Required Documents: Certified True Copy of HKID Card or passport and residential address proof
(Services Fee for Certification: HK$500 - need to provide original documents to us)

Other Services (only for BVI Companies):

- Preparation of bank minutes & 1 set certified true copies of statutory records from CPA & Make appointment with bank manager:
- CPA letter prove
- Certificate of Incumbency of opening bank account:
- Certificate of Good Standing:
- Change of Director:
- Change of Shareholder:
- Allotment of share:
- Change of Company Name^

HK$3,500 / person
HK$3,500 / person
HK$3,000 / time

^(Including Application for Certificate of Change of Company Name, M&A, Share Certificates Book, Common Seal & chop and 1 Company Box)

For applying Formation of Limited Company in Overseas, please download:

Form Name Download
CA02 - Formation of Limited Company in Overseas Download PDF format

Please scan the completed form and email to Alternatively, you may come to our Wanchai Office in person.


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