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Wingate provides assistance to clients who needs to get a visa in HK, work visa, dependent visa etc.

We are experienced in handling the applications, therefore, we can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation before submission, and advise how to get well prepared for successful approval.


Wingate, the better way for a Hong Kong visa application

Our consultants not only will conduct a free analysis for each consultation case from the viewpoint of the Immigration Department, but will also conduct a comprehensive review of the document preparation of each case in order to make a reliable and objective case analysis.  This will allow the applicant to  decide whether to apply.

After the case is established, we will compile a list of required documents for each case to improve the efficiency of application preparation.  We believe that tidy and organized document preparation will help the Immigration Department's case officer to review the documents and understand the application case, thereby shortening the Immigration Department's approval time and improve the impression of the case, as such will increase the success rate of the case application.

For more information or free consultation, please feel free to contact us.

Wingate's professional team provides Hong Kong visa, dependant visa and other support services to help clients apply for relevant Hong Kong visas.


Our service includes:

  • - Free consultation of the application
  • - Free analysis of the successful rate of the application
  • - Tailor-made the check list for each application
  • - Check the documents provided by applicant
  • - Advise the preparation of documents required
  • - Advise the amendment of documents prepared
  • - Advise the additional documents for the application (if any)
  • - Organize the documents for submission
  • - Keep updated between applicant and Immigration Department
  • - Liaise with the Immigration Department
  • - Handling the Query Letter received
  • - Follow up the collection of visa label
  • - Advise the arrangement of the renewal arrangement


In general, the followings are the procedures for the visa application after submission:

  1. Receipt of the Acknowledgement Letter
    Acknoledgement Letter (Sample)
    –After submission of the application, normally within 4-6 weeks, there is an acknowledgement letter showing the case reference number sent by Immigration Department.
  2. Receipt of the Query Letter
    Query Letter (Sample)
    - The Immigration will normally raise some questions that applicants need to reply on or before a deadline.
  3. Receipt of the result
    Approval Letter (Sample)
    – After submission of reply, and if the Immigration believed that, the information provided is enough for assessment, they will issue the letter with the result.
  4. Collection of Visa Label
    Visa Label (Sample)
    and HKID – If the case is approved, applicant needs to collect the visa label, and make appointment to get the HKID.
  5. Renewal of the visa – Normally, there is 2 year granted for the 1st time application. Applicant needs to submit the renewal application at least 4 weeks before the expiry date.
  6. Application of Permanent Identity Card – Only when living in HK for 7 years continuously, applicant can then submit the application for the permanent citizenship.
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