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Payroll Service:

Wingate offer different services and packages to cope with our client’s business needs. Our payroll services could help you for handling several tasks within the payroll field and provide sufficient support to client, to ensure the quality with our HR system could maximize the operation utility for your company.

Description of Payroll Service

Wingate provides a full management payroll service. We help our client to manage an off-site payroll system to provide you and your staff with the satisfied quality service.

Payroll Processing

  • - Payroll calculation;
  • - Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) contribution deduction (Hong Kong)
  • - Generate Payroll report and send to Client for verification;


  • - Produce employee pay slip
  • - Detail payroll report
  • - Monthly reconciliation and journal
  • - Payroll autopay report, included submission to bank

Income Tax Return Filing

  • - Complete (IR56E, IR56B, IR56F & IR56G) for Hong Kong
  • -Wingate provides the above reporting services and remains abreast current statutory requirements.

Leave Management

Wingate will monitor and report on accruals and consumption of the following leave types:

  • - Annual Leave
  • - Sick Leave
  • - Maternity Leave
  • - Unpaid Leave

Value-added Services:

  • - Answer basic employee payroll and benefits inquiries within guidelines
  • - MPF administration
  • - Annual renewal of Employee Worker Compensation Insurance
  • - Annual renewal of Group Medical Insurance

*In order to enhance our client’s organisation performance and productivity, we offer every single client the highest level of critical individualized attention and customer service through our professional team with strong HR and legislation knowledge.

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