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What are these services suitable for?

A virtual office can give you the benefits of a traditional office, while at the same time cutting down monthly operating costs dramatically. You can operate your business at home or overseas and have no need to literally rent an office, so you can build up your company image. You only need to pay a relatively small fee to enjoy having a first class business address. A premium business address is an indicator of a well established and strong company, which can provide your clients and suppliers with confidence in your company. Virtual offices not only provide a business address service, it can also include various business packages from which you can choose, such as secretary telephone answering, receiving and retrieving fax service, etc. We try to provide a complete professional service to suit your business needs.

What do we provide?

Wingate Business Centre is situated in a known premium district and located at well known commercial buildings. Straight after you join any of our Virtual Office Packages, you can enjoy this premium location and professional secretarial service with just a low economic cost. Our Virtual Office Service includes receiving your company mails, answering telephone calls by professional secretaries etc. When you receive any mails or telephone calls, our secretaries will notify you straight away. Furthermore, we will give you a dedicated telephone number, so that our secretaries will answer your phone calls in your company name. You can also enjoy our meeting room facilities any time and receive the other professional business support which we provide.

Why is Wingate Business Centre’s Virtual Office your best option?

  1. Premium Location and Well-Known Commercial Building

    With a low cost, you can enjoy a first class business address in a well known Central or Wanchai commercial building for your company registration and correspondence address – our offices in World-Wide House (Central) and Central Plaza (Wanchai), are landmark buildings in Hong Kong.

  2. Friendly Secretaries Provide Secretarial Service with Care

    Our pleasant and well manner professional secretaries will answer your phone calls and welcome your customers.

  3. Low Cost

    We understand your needs as a starting business is to control cost, therefore we can offer you special discount prices so that you can also enjoy using the first class address and professional secretarial services.

  4. Dedicated and Easy-to-remember Telephone Numbers

    Over 10 years ago we applied and have been allocated 1,000 dedicated telephone numbers, the first digit of all these telephone numbers starting with 2 (see below).  From these numbers you can choose well arranged and easy to remember number(s).

  5. Why Is It So Important to Use a Telephone Number Starting with 2?

    Usually, new landline telephone numbers which are issued in Hong Kong now are numbers starting with 3, of which many are used for telemarketing, therefore people in Hong Kong generally will not answer telephone calls if the number starts with 3. On the other hand, all the large or well established Hong Kong public listing companies are using telephone numbers starting with 2, therefore, a telephone number does not just represent your company is well established, but it also can improve your company image as reliable and can strengthen your customers’ confidence in your company.

If you require further information or would like to book an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact our staff, they will be keen to assist you to find a package which best suits your needs. Our telephone numbers: +852 2830 9999. Please read our different Virtual Office packages and choose the package best suited for your business needs.

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