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Applying for a Japanese Residence Status (visa)

There are 29 different types of Residence Status (visa) available for moving to Japan, of which applying for a Residence Status (visa) for 'Business Manager’ and running a Japanese company is a good way to go.


If you want to work in Japan and do not want to run a company, then you can apply for a ‘Technology, Humanities and International Business’ Residence Status (visa).


What about your family? Please be assured that family members can apply for a Family Status of Residence (visa) and live in Japan together.


Once you have obtained one of these visas, you can apply for permanent residency or become a naturalised Japanese citizen and obtain a Japanese passport if you are eligible.


Alternatively, if you are eligible, you can apply for a 'Highly-Skilled Foreign Professional’ Residence Status (visa) and apply for permanent residence after a minimum stay of one year.


Fees for applying for a Residence Status (visa)

Types of Residence Status

Fee (HK$)


Business Manager


Person who runs or manages company

Dependent (Spouse or Family)


Spouse or children

Engineer/Specialist in

Humanities/International Services


Work Visa


Highly-Skilled Foreign



Qualified highly, qualified talent

Permanent Residency


Can apply as early as 1 year after staying in Japan

Special Highly Skilled Professionals Visa (J-Skip)


For employee of a company

Special Highly Skilled Professionals Visa (J-Skip)


For company owner or manager

Future Creation Individual Visa (J-Find)


For an individual within 5 years after university graduation


If you would like more information, please fill in the form below so that we can understand your situation and advice that suits your situation.

Form Name


Basic Information on a Visa (Status of Residence) - App 

Download PDF format


Japanese Company Formation

There are four kinds of companies in Japan:  (1) Limited Company (Kabushiki Kaisha/ KK), (2) Limited Liability Company (Godo Kaisha/LLC), (3) General Partnership (Goben-Kaisha), and (4) Limited Partnership (Goben-Kaisha).  If there is no special circumstance, we would recommend our clients to open a Limited Company (KK).  The advantages are as follow:


  • KK companies are more well-known and are the most popular type of corporation in Japan. They have higher credibility and trust by financial institutions and Japanese customers. Most locals prefer to work for KK companies.
  • There are various income deductions permitted such as expenditures, financial losses, etc., they are more likely to be recognized than an individual proprietorship business owner.
  • You can enrol in government-managed health insurance and welfare pensions.
  • The effective statutory tax rate can be reduced.
  • Relatively easier to apply for a Business Manager visa.
  • As a general rule, the remuneration of company directors can be considered as expenses.
  • The company’s representative can be changed, and the company shares can be split and transferred according to circumstances.

Cost of Setting Up a Japanese Limited Company (electronic signature solution)


Registration Tax

11,000 (150,000Yen)

Notarization of the Articles of Incorporation


Fiscal Stamps Fee(Electronic Articles)


Corporate Seal Production


Service Charge



HK $ 40,000

※The above amount does not include: acting as founder representative, nominee director representative and agent of opening a company bank account fee.


※If you need us to Temporarily Act as a Founder's Representative + Temporarily Act as a Director's Representative + Opening a Company Bank Account, the Service Fee is HK$35,000 (please contact us for more information)


For Incorporating a Japanese Company – Limited Company (Kabushiki Kaisha), please download:

Form Name


Japanese Company Incorporation basic information

Download PDF format

Please scan the completed form and email to Alternatively, you may come to our Wanchai Office in person.




Private Online Japanese Tuition

What will you learn with our Japanese teachers ? 

Depending on your level and needs, the teacher will tailor the lesson for you and help you complete your goals step by step.

The Japanese teacher uses different levels of the Japanese textbook "Minna’s Japanese" depending on your level.



Japanese Teachers:

1) Shibata Sawako
Experience: 10 years of experience as a Japanese teacher.

Shibata will teach Japanese grammar and speech in a flexible way according to the needs of students.

She has lived in Mainland China and Taiwan, and is able to speak fluent Mandarin. She is also familiar with Hong Kong.

Languages that she can speak: Japanese, Mandarin.

2) Kubota Emiko
Experience: 4 years of experience as a Japanese teacher.

Kubota can teach Japanese grammar and speech in a flexible way according to the needs of the student.

She has lived in Mainland China, Canada, Russia and Belize. She is also familiar with Hong Kong.

Languages she can speak: Japanese, English, Mandarin.



Tuition Fee:

HK$ 200 /hour
Initial payment is for a 5-hour course in advance.
Thereafter, payments need to be made in 10-hour blocks.

Each lesson is 1 hour.

Minimum of 5 hours of lessons each month.

If the student needs to change the lesson time and course duration, they must notify the Japanese teacher 7 days in advance and require mutual consent.



For more information or enrolment, please contact us.
Email: / Tel: 2830 9928

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