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Migrating to Japan “Business Start Up Plan”


Many people wishing to immigrate to Japan do not have any business experience, while others are looking for a more simplified business model to operate. Therefore, Wingate Immigration Consultancy and Wingate Business have tailor-made the "Immigration to Japan Business Start Up Plan" for you!

The first Business Start Up Plan is "Business Centre & Co-working Offices" business.  It is of a similar type of business which Wingate Business has been operating for more than 20 years.


 “The Japan Business Centre & Co-working Offices” Self-Purchased Property Business Start Up Plan:


1. There is no restriction on location.  As this pandemic has changed the pattern of centralized offices in business districts, but the location of the property should still be in a reasonable location.

2. There is no requirement on what to invest, as it depends on what you are planning to purchase or what property you currently own etc.

3. Wingate can provide assistance, so you can operate it yourself and meet the requirements of the application and regulations to obtain the Japan “Business Manager” status of residence.

4. Wingate Business helps you integrate your own expertise to your business, to stand out and attract customers. (For example: Co-Working Space+ Coffee Shop + Online Shop --> One Location with Unlimited Combinations)

5. Our mutual business assistance co-working service alliance can enable you to use just one office to increase your company income from your diversified types of business.

6. Japan Wingate and Hong Kong Wingate can assist you to handle problems when they arise, find customers and therefore increase revenue.

7.  "Business Centre & Co-working Offices" business can operate as a simple business model, while on the other hand it can also be extended to a diversified one-stop service.

8. Your business can benefit your children's future development in Japan.




1. Easy to enter into the industry, but difficult to be profitable.

2. Oversupply.

3. This pandemic has changed the pattern of how people work.


"Business Centre & Co-working Offices" was seen as one of the industries easy to get a return from around 15 years ago, because not many noticed this industry therefore there was hardly any competition. But then it has started to gain people’s attention, and in recent years it has become very competitive.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, there were many Business Centres & Co-working Offices in Japan and Hong Kong. However, the outbreak has reduced the flow of people, where working from home has become the norm, foreign customers or travellers cannot enter the country and region and other factors, so that the number of customers of Business Centres & Co-working Offices has reduced.   More importantly, in recent years due to oversupply and the pandemic, this has resulted in many Business Centres & Co-working Office operators losing money or deciding to close as they were pessimistic about the market outlook which remains uncertain.

However, there are crisis and opportunities, where every industry has people succeed and others fail, however some of the secrets of business success is experience, management and standing out. Thus, that's why we think it can be viewed as a good time to start a business. What is the reason?  Please feel free to contact us to find out more.

Wingate Business has more than 20 years of experience in running “Business Centres & Co-working Offices”.  We hope to assist you to develop your business in Japan.


Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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