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Wingate Business was established in year 2000. Since then, we continue to endeavour to be a trustworthy and sincere company which provide enterprises of all kinds a more flexible and comprehensive one-stop shop for professional services. We aim to help start-ups save cost and to put more time and effort into fulfilling their dreams by developing their business, rather than the necessary routine of operating a business. Our company name, WINGATE, is based on leading you through the GATE of success of developing and expanding your business while accumulating wealth, thus helping you to create your dream, which is the dream of our founders – to help businesses like yours succeed.

With well over a decade of experience in providing professional services, Wingate Business has already helped many thousands of clients to start and run their business. Due to our sincere and professional service attitude, many of our clients have introduced our services to their business friends who seek expansion of their business in Hong Kong. It is our pride and honour that Wingate Business can expand as our clients grow.

Wingate Business has been increasing different categories of professional services. We provide one-stop professional services including Formation of Hong Kong and Overseas Limited company, Company Secretary services, Accounting and Taxation, Patent and Trademark services; Serviced Office, Virtual Office and Conference Facilities; Visa and Immigration Services (Japan, Hong Kong, Vanuatu); We hope to provide more professional one-stop business services to our clients by continuously improving ourselves each day.


Wingate Business Group Members:

Wingate Business Group Limited
Wingate Business Limited
Wingate Immigration Consulting Limited
Wingate Professional Secretary Limited
Wingate Accounting and Taxation Limited
Wingate Japan Co., Ltd



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